Hello Mr/Mrs Moneybags! Interested in purchasing some of our amazing services? Follow the link below to see what we offer!

Drinks Menu

From Lemonade to pure ethanol, we have it all! ...Okay maybe not ethanol but come check out our wonderful drink selection!


VIP Access

VIP grants you access to priority queue for both club entry AND the gambling tables. On top of this, you will be granted access to the private VIP area of the club.
For a limited time only, VIP's also get the ability to name a drink for our drinks menu however they like! (Within reason of course :P)

  • Single VIP Ticket - 300K

  • Group VIP Ticket (3 people or more) - 250K Per person

Dancer/ERP Services

  • Private Dance: Spend some private time with a dancer of your choice in one of our private rooms. ERP Not included. - 150K for 30 Mins

  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend Experience: Get the full dating experience and get pampered by one of our lovely Dancers. - 150K for 30 mins

  • ERP Experience: Get the full ERP experience from a Dancer of your choice. Dancers can decline any request they are not comfortable with participating with. Lalafels are excluded from being able to purchase this service. - 300K for 30 mins. 500K per hour. Non-vanilla experiences may cost extra.

Other Services

  • Rent a room - Rent one of our private rooms for your own private purposes! - 200K Per hour

Drinks Menu

Drinks - 2000 Gil Each

  • Beer

  • Wine

  • Whisky

  • Rum

  • Tequila

Shots - 2000 Gil Each or 3 for 5000

  • Apple Pie - Whiskey, Apple cider, Whipped Cream and Cinnamon

  • Garlean’s Heat - Coffee Liqueur, Cream Liqueur and Rum served with Fire!

Cocktails - 5000 Gil Each

  • Reaper’s Martini - Better be cautious or it will constrict your throat made out of vodka, tomato juice and Tabasco

  • Blushing Whiskey - Honey Rye Whiskey, Lavender Syrup and Dried Lavender + Sugar

  • Pixie's kiss - Peach schnapps, Cranberry juice, Orange juice

  • Kholusian Mountain - Brown rum, White rum, Orange juice, Passionfruit juice, Lime juice

  • Shirogane Sunset - Rum, Coconut liquor, Pineapple juice grenadine syrup

Special Drinks

  • Broccos’s Embrace - Used finest Vodka cooled down with ice created by Shiva herself. Dressed with sugar, salted cod extract and a dash of Brocco Juice™. (Warning not for people with a sensitive stomach) - 6900 Gil Each

  • Sweet Kitten(Shiro) - Just as sweet as our Miqos! A Raspberry Daiquiri with some Mint and Melon juice. - 9000 Gil Each

  • The Everlasting Dream - Absinthe, Grade 6 Tincture of Strength, Cute Female Miqo'te Tears, Jet Black Dye, Flat Cola, served in a glass full of Greater Honor Leapstones and sprinkled with The Ashes of Wedding invitations. - 69K Gil Each

  • Between The Sheets - 1 ounce cognac, 1 ounce light rum, 1 ounce triple sec, 1/4 ounce lemon juice, freshly squeezed Garnish: flamed orange peel - 14000 Gil

  • Shodo's Fasionable Samurai! - The Finest Shochu, Sugar, Angostura Bitters, a dash of Gaelic Catnip, Soda Water and one slice of Orange Peel



Shiro Toki

Your local sassy Catgirl who runs the show!
Has a mild alcohol problem.

Maggie Pie

The Super cute and bubbly manager of Dream!


Violetta Sukiyami
Head Dancer

Sexuality: Bi
Services: All services
ERP Experience: Both genders
Description: Hey you, yeah you, I see you looking! Don't be shy with me, I'm a cutie here to ensure your night is wonderful. Send me a message and we can explore your wild side together or anything in your wildest dreams.

Mellow Bite

Sexuality: Bi
Services: All services
ERP Experience: Both genders
Description: Heyo! I'm a very obedient and submissive miqo with almost no limits. My sinful soul will gladly fulfill any of your desires. I'm playful and love to bite, which is clear from my name. With pleasure will become your pet.

Lilly Mu'shy
Club's Graphic Designer & Backup Dancer

Sexuality: Lesbian, but happy for a play with Hrothgars.
Services: All services but ERP only for girls, I think they are worth it.
Description: Hey sweetie. I'm Lilly, famous for her cuteness and kindness, but deep inside me is a really lewd and dark desire. If you love painful lust, then I am your sadist of choice.

Aino Kami

Sexuality: Bi (female leaning)
Services: All Services
ERP Experience: Both Genders (Very experienced with females)
Description: Hey there Cuties, I am Aino nice to meet you. I am at lewd as I am cute, with a tail that is as addictive as my personality. I am able to satisfy any request ... no matter how naughty!


Psycho Goreman
Head Security

Don't let his Angelic features deceive you... for what is a Demon if not a Fallen Angel? It's better to Reign in Hell than Serve in Heaven...

Noct Nightborn

Yes, I am a criminal.
My crime is that of curiosity.
My crime is that of outsmarting you/
Something that you will never forgive me for.

Lunaria Nightfall

Possibly the cutest goth kitty you have ever seen!

Chryssa Revas

A cringe Dark Knight enthusiast... and security on the side!

Club Photographer

Aribeth Reinhardt

THE Aribeth <3


Guren Crowe

Our lovely Receptionist that is always ready to greet you with a smile!uwu

Miso Cute

Rarely seen wearing anything that isn't sweet and light, this innocent Kitten. Get to know her and see if whats underneath is dyed a darker shade...


Hamnari Heavenstar

Little Miss Problematic™️The Kugane Sekiseigumi's most wanted gang lord.

Rose Fox

Bartender Wife at Dream, hates high shelves with a passion!